Geocube…… re-inventing the way to explore Geography

The world of Geography at your fingertips and just a mouse click away!

Geocube is an attractive online resource about Geography. Geocube is based on the principle of the Rubik Cube with six faces and 54 topics. It is a virtual and easily accessible website which is available online for free. Move the Geocube around with your mouse and explore the faces and topics.Geocube provides an accessible way to read, see and watch what Geography is and geographers do.

Brilliant to use in research lessons, and great for pupils to interact and share their learning with each other. The interface is slick and easy to use and keeps pupils engaged in the learning.

icteacher typoeffects


I absolute adore this website. Typoeffects provides an amazing new twist on the word cloud. My walls in my suite are covered in pupil examples, as well as titles and labels. It takes the word cloud idea and gives it a fantastic twist. Placing your desired words into shapes and colours to match an image. The results are stunning, though often take a while to tweak and alter to get the perfect finish. Give it a try, and share your results with #typoeffects


Recently I found Taggalaxy, an amazing Flickr searching web tool that creates a visually stunning way to explore images.  Taggalaxy puts your search into the metaphor of a planet, with connecting ideas and themes as smaller planets around it.


When you click on a planet it collects images from Flickr with your tag, and allows you to browse and zoom through hundreds of pictures. Brilliant in the classroom for an inspiration board, or as a discussion starter. I used this last week when asking children to create mood boards on Ancient Egypt, worked perfectly and had the children captivated. It really has to bee seen to be believed.


This site currently features in my 25 education websites, to have a look at the other 24 click here.


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