Ok, so I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I thought I’d share a few of the teaching ideas I have used for Roald Dahl Day. One of my favourite days in the school calendar, where children get to enter some of the most fantastic worlds.

1. Character blogs – allow your pupils blog on your VLE as one of Roald Dahl’s famous characters. Get them to enter the minds of The BFG or Matilda and share their experiences and thoughts. Add some images to their text and share it online, you will be amazed with the feedback you get.

2. Gaming – Use some gaming software like 2DIY to make a Roald Dahl themed game. This year my class have been playing as Danny the Champion of the World trying to catch pheasants! Why not make a game where you get to collect Snozzcumbers or Fobscottle bottles? The possibilities are endless!

3. For older children why not try a quick hot seat using Skype. Get pupils to dress up in an adjacent room and Skype the rest of the class. Get the pupils to interview the character on their motives and emotions.

4. Character Creation – One thing Roald Dahl always got perfect was the creativity in his characters. They were always fantastically odd and never boring. Try to make some new ones with your class. You could you try and add them to one of his stories, maybe make a sequel! Use something like paint.net or 2Publish so that pupils can bring their creations to life.

5. I have saved the trickiest till last, for only the bravest of teachers! For those that don’t know Roald Dahl did all his writing in a little shed at the bottom of his garden. It was the perfect writing space for him, warm and cosy in the winter, peace and quiet, and a pencil and paper on his lap. Get your pupils to think about where they could write, what would be their ideal space? When they have come up with some different ideas get they to try and create it on Google Sketchup. Use the modelling software to make their perfect little hideaway!


‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’

-Roald Dahl

Currently I’m writing my curriculum plan for next year. As part of my TLr role in the school I look at how other subjects could best use and incorporate ICT into their lessons. This could range from simple little hints, or large term based projects. As a specialist teach I also get to spend lots of time working with the lead teachers in our school. I know not all schools have this luxury, but if you can it’s really worthwhile, I wanted to share some of the ways I have worked with our Literacy leader to use ICT:

  1. Blogging – Get your class blogging in their lessons. Get them blogging about anything! Giving pupils the understanding that what they write will be published puts great emphasis on their content. To find out more about blogging have a look at this previous post.
  2. QR Codes – place QR codes around your classroom for pupils go independently use in lessons. The possibilities are endless as to what the codes could link to. In the past mine for linked you sites containing adjectives or connectives to try to increase their vocabulary, but I have also used them for things like character fact files when looking at a specific text. Really good for providing pupils with opportunities for independent learning.
  3. Podcasting – My school recently started broadcasting its own radio station, with it we started to produce some podcasts. Initially it was the digital leaders, but our plan is to spread it across the school. Your pupils could speak about book for a project, or share ideas on a poet. Maybe you could podcast about a character and their journey through the book. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Instructional Texts – Use your pupils literacy skills to help others in ICT. One of my year 6 groups set up a quick blog space that was designed to help others with their ICT problems. It worked a bit like the genius bar at Apple stores, only without the blue t-shirts! Pupils would post questions, with my genius’ getting back to then within a couple of days. They also posted self-help guides and crib sheets. Not only was it making my life easier, but I got to see some fantastic instructional writing from my pupils! Give it a go!
  5. Skype Hot Seating – I got this idea from a recent teach meet. I haven’t had the chance to try in myself, but I would love to in the future. The idea is that your class use Skype to hot seat a character or person of interest in their current topic. This could be an astronaut during a space theme, to Santa at Christmas time. Get another teacher in your school to take on the character, and be prepared for some fantastic questioning from your pupils. A word of note to the person being the character….prepare! Kids will ask HARD questions!!

I hope some of these ideas give you some inspiration, and try to incorporate ICT in literacy. Activities and ideas like these prove that it’s not just about online word game websites!

Do you have any other ideas I could have written about? How do yo use ICT and mobile devices in your literacy lessons?

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