arounderLove love love this website. In a lot of lessons pupils spend time investigating or researching countries around the world, and this mainly happens on Google Earth. With younger children the issue can be that the scope of the maps are too large. Pupils can be easily distracted or get lost. Arounder works as a collection of interactive panoramas places on a map. Pupils can load up a country or a city and work their way through the most interesting and visually stimulating places available. You’re not even limited to this planet, you can even visit Mars!  There are thousands of images available, get you kids to have a play and explore! Enjoy.

As you can see in my last post we recently had the wonderful @deputymitchell in our school. We had a great day blogging, but he also took some time to show me one of his tried and trusted web resources.

Animoto is a great little website that allows you to make professional looking videos out of a selection of photographs. All you have to do is choose a theme, add your images, and click go. The software then stitches it all together for you with a nice soundtrack. Everything on there is copyright free so no worries.

In the week since David came I have been trying to find collections of photos to use, it’s very addictive! I have also shared it with other staff at my school who all got a bit giddy when they saw how easy it was!

There is a subscription fee to get all the features of the site, but there is a sneaky free account for teachers available, they hide it well so you really have to hunt for it. On their homepage scroll right down to the bottom and click on ‘Education’. When you’re on their education page in small writing there should be a link that says ‘Are you a teacher?’. Click this, fill in your details and you will receive a promo code for a free account. Below is a quick example of an Animoto, apologies but I am a MARVEL nerd so it was too tempting to make an example with them!

Have a think about how you might use this in your school and please give this a share!

360 Panoramas

July 2nd, 2013 | Posted by AlwaysComputing in Fun Stuff | ICT Resources - (0 Comments)

panoramaI just wanted to share a quick post on here as I didn’t think I’d have enough characters on twitter….in fact I’ve probably used all 140 explaining this….


Anyway, I recently shared a 360 panorama on Twitter and it got a good response so I thought I’d chat about it. The link to the panorama in question is here, have a look! I love using this app to capture scenes and memories, but I have also started to use them in the classroom. Sharing places and experiences with pupils in an immersively stunning way. The panorama I took was from our sports day this year, but I have also taken a few while on school trips. These provide a great visual stimulus for discussion when back in the classroom, and the interactive nature of the image means you can focus and inspect an area when back at school. What makes the app brilliant is viewing it back on your phone or iPad. It has a button for using the gyroscope so the image moves as you move the device, it really gives the feeling of being there.

The app I use is 360 Panorama and it’s just 69p on itunes, though it does seem to be free every now and again. Another one that you could use in the classroom is Photosynth. This is free from Microsoft, though it does take a lot longer to stitch together.

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