With the world cup just days away i’m sure your pupils are brimming with excitement! I know I am!


With it taking place during term time it gives you the opportunity to follow the teams progress through the tournament with your pupils. A great way to do this is with a match tracker built on Excel. Some VERY clever people have built spreadsheets on the program using VDA codes and the spreadsheet automatically calculates the goals, updates the data in the table, sorts the table according to the Rules of FIFA and assigns a team to the next stage of the competition at the right time and place.

Perfect for using with kids! The best one I have found online is by eexcel.co.uk. There are loads available online but a lot of them have adverts for betting companies. Not something really suitable to use in schools. The one HERE at eexcel is simple and clear, and does exactly what it says on the tin.

All I need to do now is some how shoe horn the Panini Sticker album into the curriculum…..

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