Recently I found Taggalaxy, an amazing Flickr searching web tool that creates a visually stunning way to explore images.  Taggalaxy puts your search into the metaphor of a planet, with connecting ideas and themes as smaller planets around it.


When you click on a planet it collects images from Flickr with your tag, and allows you to browse and zoom through hundreds of pictures. Brilliant in the classroom for an inspiration board, or as a discussion starter. I used this last week when asking children to create mood boards on Ancient Egypt, worked perfectly and had the children captivated. It really has to bee seen to be believed.


This site currently features in my 25 education websites, to have a look at the other 24 click here.


A few years ago I stumbled upon the amazing site that it Instagrok, and my pupils haven’t looked back since! It takes the basic features of a search engine, and adds on all the little extras your pupils will need.

It links your search with other related topics allowing your pupils to widen their further understanding of the subject. It also has brilliant extra features like:


  • Key Facts show important facts about the topic
  • Difficulty Slider adjusts the difficulty of the material
  • Quizzes to test pupils on the subject matter
  • Glossary for those tricky words your pupils struggle with

Give it a go and see how your pupils get on. While it’s a brilliant tool when conducting research, for a quick little question you still can’t beat Google!


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