LOVE LOVE LOVE this! The Winter house is brilliant interactive story book. It leads the children through a mystery story, where they have to click to investigate multiple items. Brilliant for Talk for Writing, visually stunning and engages all children. Showed it to my class once, then they were desperate to get back on it. So to feed their appetite we booked the ICT suite for an afternoon. they sat going through the puzzle, working collaboratively, and sharing idea. The independent learning was wonderful to see. Try it with your class and see how they get on. One problem with the site is the inability to continue from where you left off, you have to start again each time.

3258548724_dbd3f0e992_oJust a quick little post for a Sunday evening. On Friday my class and I were taking part in some creative writing. The idea is to give the pupils 10 mins to plan out a story plot, including things like characters, setting and main events. To do it we used the Thriller Whiz tool. They loved it, some of the titles we generated were amazing. I would say you could use it from year 5 up, there are some quite complex vocab, and see where the website takes you pupils. Our favourite was ‘The Dwarf Interpreter’, we loved it so much we went on to create the whole story using collaborative writing. Have a goo and see what you think!

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