BETTICT Coordinator and E-Learning enthusiast. I have been in the classroom for 4 years now and I have worked in primary and a very rare middle school. Love to play with a VLE and new ways for pupils to learn online. Big advocate of pupils using mobile technology in the classroom. 

In the past I have presented my work at BETT (nerve-wracking!) and at national learning forums. I work closely with other schools in my LA to try and develop a wider community of learning. 

Always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance learning in primary schools. For (almost!) daily updates follow me on twitter @theicteacher.

I hope to share good practice, great resources, and a few things to brighten your day! 

On a more personal note I am based in Yorkshire and live with my wife of 3 years, and my dog Stump. Love getting out and about over the Moors on a weekend, although it is sometimes difficult to tear me away from my laptop or Xbox! Hope you enjoy what I have to share and I look forward to hearing from some of you. 

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