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May 21st, 2014 | Posted by AlwaysComputing in Uncategorized

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This half term my Year 4 group are looking at their local area and the important building in and around Bradford. To celebrate this in ICT we took some time to do some amazing art work using Photoshop. An expensive program I know, but something like paint.net will do the same thing.

They took a picture of the building they wanted to recreate, added a new player over the top, and started drawing over it. When they had finished their line drawings they took away the original photo leaving their work behind. Simple but very effective. Some of the children then started to add colour or tone using the ‘colour picker’ tool. This was a great way for them to choose the right colour, rather that the usual stockpile.

As a way of further enhancing the children’s learning I had them use a stylus on the screen to do their drawings. When using a finger on the touchscreens it’s hard for them to be accurate, but by taking the ink out of an old biro you get a really cheap stylus that they love to use!

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