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May 15th, 2014 | Posted by AlwaysComputing in Uncategorized

With just a few more days for those hideous SATs it’s almost time for the pent-up energy of year 6 to be released! Time for them to run free, and at the tender age of 11, start to reminisce about their time at primary school. Sometimes this comes in the form of a year book signed by everyone they’ve ever met, or an awkward assembly showing off their talents….

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I like to escape this hell, and bring in some nerd-tastic work at the same time. I do this by getting the pupils to create a gallery or museum dedicated to themselves (feed the ego!) on Google Sketchup.

I start off with the pupils creating an empty building. Planning out their layout; how many rooms they want, materials and textures they want to use, etc. This can often take a whole lesson as I like pupils to create a few so they can choose their best. I also tell them to create the empty shell without a roof. This makes it easier to add the pictures and 3D items inside. The next session usually consists of photo collecting and editing. They go around the school looking for amazing work they have created, memories and favourite staff, before editing and re-sizing the pictures on PhotoShop. The final session utilizes the Import tool on Google Sketchup. It’s intended purpose is to combine 2 sketchup models in one file, but you can also bring in jpegs. Pupils import the images and place them on the walls of their building, before adding labels and signs like a real gallery.

As an extension to this pupils can animate their route around the gallery and add a commentary afterwards using Windows Live Movie Maker. Almost like a behind the scenes tour!

What do you like to do in these final moments with year 6? How have you used the import tool differently? 

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